VHF Antennas

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Station Overview

TypeTowerHeightRotor or DirectionNotes
Diamond f23a180'170'SidemountPacket Node
K1FO? 70cm Yagi150'150'Yaesu-
CC 5-ele 6m Yagi150'150’Yaesu-
M^2? 2m Yagi150'150'Yaesu-
Diamond 2m/70cmHouse Tower50'--
CC 5-ele 6m Yagi120' West Tower80'--

This is the stack of 70cm, 2m, and 6m Yagis on top of the 150' Tower.


The Packet Cluster node vertical is on the sidearms below the 180' 40m Yagi.


Barely visible above the 3rd 15m Yagi is the fixed south 6m Yagi.