Rx Antennas

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Station Overview


I am using 3 two wire Beverage antennas, one single wire Beverage, and a 6 vertical array for 40m. The transformers on the shack end and the reflection transformers are from DX Engineering. These antennas give two directions at a time which provides 6 directions of coverage. The 6 directions are routed to the 40, 80, and 160 meter operating positions through a relay system that lets any of the 3 bands select any of the 6 directions. The cables are decoupled from each other by using W3LPL bandpass filters right at the switch box because the filters have a very high input impedance outside their pass bands. In 2016 a separate preamp and filter for 30m was added that shares the 40m switch.

Shack end of beverages showing the box with the two transformers for each of the 3 two wire Beverages and the NNW single wire Beverage.


These are the 3 two wire Beverages.


The ground from each of the boxes going to a rod under the post.


A typical support post using electric fence fiberglass stakes and insulators.


An end showing the reflection transformer and ground system.


RX 6-Rectangle

This is an array of 6 verticals in 2 rows spaced 1/4 wave apart NE/SW and 3/4 wave apart SE/NW. The phasing and direction switching is done with 2 ports of a Comtek 40m 4-square box. It gives excellent reception NE and SW with very high F/B ratio. Radials are 1/8" aluminum wire laying on the ground. The verticals are insulated from the ground by fiberglass tube.