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David Robbins, K1TTT



Things to do

  • 10m ring needs new motor
  • K0XG ring has open holes where there should be zircs in the bearings
  • install line filter in k0xg rotor power
  • Try resonating 4 radials on 160m inverted L's.
  • tighten 30' and 60' guy wires on 10m tower - 2012
  • send spare mp to someone for sticky amp relay, key click mod.
  • Clean up 180' 2m vertical coax routing.
  • install proper hardline connectors on 80m 4-square cable.
  • new tables?
  • add chokes on Beverage feedlines?
  • add end shields on open stubs
  • add 1/4 wave shorted stubs on verticals?

more or less non-radio stuff
  • rebuild south wall upstairs - worn out wood