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David Robbins, K1TTT



  • Notes
    • Some dates may not be the first time something was published, just when it showed up in my web site archives.

Antenna Switching and Filtering
DateDescriptionImage FileSource File
12/31/2016RX Separate SO2R selection and filteringimageVisio file
4/22/2017TX SO2R and typical other band w/ PTT lockoutimageVisio file
2/8/2017Band Decoder Color CodePDFExcel file
12/3/2004160m Phased Inverted-L'simage 
4/23/2005?W3LPL RX Bandpass filterspage 
7/22/2006?K2TR Coax Stub Filterspage 
1/8/2017RX and TX GreenHeron Switch and Rotor SetupimageVisio file
1/9/2017RCS-8V modified for stack matchingimageVisio file
8/13/2006Custom PTT Lockout antenna switch controllers, basic circuitimageVisio file

Audio, CW, PTT, Serial Diagrams
DateDescriptionImage FileSource File
8/4/202040m/SO2R/RemoteimageVisio file
8/4/2020Single band stations w/remote ssbimageVisio file
8/4/2020Single band stations w/remote cw-digimageVisio file

DateDescriptionImage FileSource File
4/9/2016K0XG Rotor control modificationimage 
7/5/1993Simple handheld Doppler direction finderpage  
1/9/2017Visio components used in other drawings Visio file
7/31/201720m Remote Switch color code Text file

Obsolete stuff, just not used now may be good for you
DateDescriptionImage FileSource File
12/1/2016RX BaselineimageVisio file
12/25/2016RX Partial change to SO2R imageVisio file
11/21/19932 wire Beverage matchingimage text 
2/25/2004Single band Beverage switchimage 
1/6/2017TX SO2R and typical other bandimageVisio file
12/23/1995Adding RX antenna to TS-870image 
12/23/1995Micro-G2 Computer control of Yaesu G-series rotorspage 
2/3/201740m/SO2R/Remote audioimageVisio file
2/3/2017Single band stations audioimageVisio file

Since Commander sold the product line and it is now no longer being supported I have collected the manuals and schematics in the list below as an archive to help owners maintain these amps. It is important to realize that the control, bias, and protection circuits changed several times over the life of the amp so you have to make sure to match up the amp you have to the proper schematic.

Commander HF2500 manuals and schematics
DateStatusDescriptionImage FileSource File
5/7/2013CurrentVHF2000 W4ZST Bias Schematicimage 
5/7/2013CurrentHF2500 K5AND Manual (s/n unknown)PDF 
5/7/2013CurrentHF2500 K5AND control schematic (s/n unknown)image 
5/7/2013CurrentHF2500 s/n 435 manualPDF 
5/7/2013CurrentHF2500 s/n 435 K1TTT redrawn schematicPDF 
5/7/2013CurrentHF2500 s/n 526 schematicimage 
5/7/2013CurrentHF2500 s/n 698 manualPDF 
5/7/2013CurrentHF2500 s/n 720 manualPDF 
5/7/2013CurrentHF2500 s/n 765 manualPDF